Heavy Sweating

Prolonged Heat Exposure & Dehydration

Prolonged Heat Exposure & Heat Dehydration

Hot weather can lead to an increase in your body’s core temperature.

This usually results in a higher sweat rate and when you sweat, you lose both fluid and electrolytes.


The loss of fluid and electrolytes causes mild to moderate dehydration.

It is worth noting that other heat illnesses may also occur.

Heat illnesses can range from muscle cramps and heat exhaustion to heat stroke (which is a medical emergency).

Common symptoms of heat illnesses include dizziness, nausea/vomiting, confusion, cramps, lethargy, headache.

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How To Manage Dehydration Due to Prolonged Heat Exposure

A clinical rehydration solution, like Hydralyte, is the most effective solution for preventing and managing dehydration due to prolonged and heavy sweating.

What are The Benefits of Hydralyte?

Orange-tick Clinical formula

Hydralyte is clinically formulated and follows the World Health Organizations guidelines


Orange-hydralyte-benefit Rapid rehydration

Hydralyte contains the right balance of glucose and electrolytes for rapid rehydration


Orange-hydralyte-benefit Suitable for all ages

Hydralyte can be used by the whole family


Orange-hydralyte-benefit Portable and convenient

Hydralyte Electrolyte Effervescent Tablets are portable and convenient making them perfect for vacations and when you are away from home.


When using Hydralyte for heat related dehydration (with tailored guidance), it is best to implement a fluid regime in consultation with your physician/occupational health physician.   



Disclaimer: use under Medical Supervision.
Consult your sports physician/occupational health physician for the most appropriate use of this product.

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