Hydralyte Effervescent Electrolyte Tablets (10 Servings)

Convenient and portable, Hydralyte’s effervescent electrolyte tablets come in two great tasting flavors: Orange and Berry

Each compact carrying tube contains 20 dissolvable tablets. Just drop 2 tablets into 7 fluid ounces of water to create a clinical hydration solution.

  • Up to 75% less sugar and 4X the electrolytes than the leading sports drinks
  • Suitable for all ages

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Active Ingredients

Dextrose (anhydrous)
Citric acid
Sodium Bicarbonate
Potassium chloride
Sodium chloride
Polyethylene glycol 6000
This product also contains: natural flavor, ß-carotene and sucralose.

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Directions and Dosing

Use under medical supervision.

  • Remove two tablets from tube and replace the cap tightly. Dissolve in 200 mL (7 fl oz) of drinking water in a glass.
  • Sip slowly and frequently while symptoms persist. Discard unused solution after 2 hours, or 24 hours if refrigerated.
  • Always dissolve in water. Never place tablet directly into mouth.
  • Do not use if cap seal is broken. Replace the cap tightly after use.

Recommended Dosing for Dehydration due to vomiting and diarrhea:

Age Take in first 6 hours (tablets) Maximum per day (tablets)
Less than 1 year 2-4 10
1–3 years 4-6 14
3–6 years 6-8 20
6–12 years 8-14 26
12–Adult 14-20 40

After the first day, consume a daily volume less than the maximum per day, as directed by your doctor.

Note: 2 tablets prepares 200 mL (7 fl oz)

Recommended Dosing for Dehydration due to fever and heavy sweating:

Children 10–13 years Take up to 8 tablets per day for up to 3 days or as directed by your doctor.
13 years to Adult Take up to 14 tablets per day for up to 3 days or as directed by your doctor.


Consult your doctor promptly if vomiting or diarrhea continues for more than:

  • 12 hours in children under 3 years


  • 24 hours in children 3 years to adults.

If you have kidney disease, are taking heart or blood pressure medicine, or are pregnant, discuss with your doctor before taking this product. Seek further medical advice if symptoms persist.

Use under medical supervision.