Travel & dehydration

Why am I at risk of dehydration when traveling?

There are various reasons why there may be an increased risk of dehydration when traveling:

  • Travelers’ diarrhea is the most common health problem facing travelers to less developed countries – up to 50% of people travelling to high risk destinations may experience travelers’ diarrhea. The World Health Organization identifies DEHYDRATION as the most severe threat posed by travelers’ diarrhea.
  • Heavy sweating due to increased physical activity and/or prolonged exposure to the sun – When you travel, you may visit hot and dry destinations where you are more likely to get hot…and SWEATY! Through sweat there is the loss of both fluid and electrolytes – this can lead to dehydration.

Remember that small children and infants are at a higher risk of dehydration, simply due to their small body size.

Consult with your physician about packing Hydralyte on your next trip, as this allows you to be proactive about dehydration symptoms as they arise.

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