Hydralyte Expands Existing International Aid Commitment to Timmy Global Health with Financial Donation


In addition to an on-going partnership that provides Timmy Global Health with hydration solutions, Hydralyte’s most recent financial donation could help 400 children suffering from chronic malnutrition

CAMBRIDGE, MA (July 31, 2018) – Hydralyte, a clinically formulated oral rehydration solution (ORS), has expanded support for Timmy Global Health through a recent financial donation. The donated funding is gifted in addition to Hydralyte’s 5-year partnership with Timmy Global Health that supports health and hydration needs in the developing world with donated Hydralyte products.

Hydralyte’s donation will be able to treat 400 children with chronic malnutrition through the Timmy Global Health organization. The donation could alternatively be used to provide a year’s supply of prenatal vitamins for 200 women or it could be allocated to help protect up to 20,000 children against intestinal parasites.

“Our work at 10 community-based project sites in the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Nigeria requires hundreds of resources, financial and otherwise,” said Lucy Knowles, Development and Marketing Coordinator, Timmy Global Health. “Donations like Hydralyte’s help make our mission of expanding global access to quality healthcare possible.”

Timmy Global Health was established in 1997 to bring healthcare services to the developing world. Through the use of medical service teams, Timmy supports international partner organizations and brings financial, HR, and medical resources to communities across the globe. Important to all elements of healthcare, hydration remains a challenge in many parts of the world and Hydralyte is excited about continuing to grow our support of Timmy’s work internationally.

“Through partnerships with organizations like Timmy Global Health, we can help find solutions to world health issues, including malnutrition and lack of proper hydration,” said Charles Whiting, CEO, Hydralyte. “We recognize the importance of joining forces with other organizations to bring about real change. We’re proud to assist Timmy’s work building local healthcare systems for communities in need.”


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Hydralyte is a global leader in delivering clinical hydration. After leading the Australian hydration market for more than 10 years, Hydralyte’s range of great tasting electrolyte products are available at many major retailers and online across Canada and the United States. With up to 75% less sugar and 4x the electrolytes compared to the leading sports drinks, Hydralyte’s formulation is based on the World Health Organization criteria for rapid and effective rehydration. All Hydralyte products contain the correct balance of glucose and electrolytes required for the prevention and relief of dehydration and are recommended by medical professionals around the world. Suitable for all ages, Hydralyte comes in a wide range of flavors and formats including ready-to-drink liquids, powders, and effervescent tablets. For more information on Hydralyte, please visit www.hydralyte.com.

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