Hydralyte Scholarships Fund American Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training Program Graduates


30 American Red Cross graduates of the Nurse Assistant Training Program recently completed the course with the help of funding from Hydralyte, a provider of clinical hydration

CAMBRIDGE, MA (April 24, 2018) – Hydralyte, a clinically formulated oral rehydration solution (ORS), has recently donated 30 full scholarships to fund participants of the American Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training Program. Hydralyte’s support will help to educate these students about the importance of clinical hydration that can result in a positive impact on the hydration of their future patients.

Designed to quickly certify its students for Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA), Home Health Aid (HHA), and CPR certificates, the Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training Program supports the development of healthcare professionals. The program includes a clinical component where students practice their skills in a “live” setting of affiliated nursing homes, and upon completion of the program, they are eligible to sit for state exams.

Red Cross Students Graduate
The students receive their CNA, HHA, or CPR certificates from the Red Cross.

Hydralyte’s donation of $35,000 funded 30 full scholarships to the program, which helps cover the costs of tuition, textbooks, materials, exam fees, scrubs, and sneakers.

Red Cross Students with Hydralyte PharmacistSamantha Romero (L) and Kazie Bilodeau (R), both recipients of Hydralyte scholarships, with Hydralyte’s Medical Science Liaison, Dr. Lauren Motto

“Whether it is a single mom bettering her family’s situation, a non-English speaking person trying to enter the healthcare field, or a student thinking about Nursing or Medical school, all of these people have a certain calling within them to be some type of caregiver,” said Joel Brava, Program Manager, American Red Cross Massachusetts Nurse Assistant Training Program. “Through our Nurse Assistant Training Program, the students prove to themselves that they truly do have this particular calling and enable themselves, through study and training, to begin their careers in the healthcare field.”

Hydralyte Pharmacist Discusses Clinical Hydration with Red Cross Students
Dr. Lauren Motto, of Hydralyte, talks about the importance of clinical hydration with graduates of the Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training Program.

“Hydralyte is excited to be able to support the Red Cross Nurse Assistant Training Program,” said Dr. Lauren Motto, PharmD, Medical Science Liaison, Hydralyte. “Developing the careers of future healthcare providers is important for supporting our greater healthcare system. Hydralyte is committed to helping educate all healthcare professionals on the importance of ORS for dehydration.”


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Hydralyte, based in Cambridge, MA, is a global leader in delivering clinical hydration. After leading the Australian oral hydration market for more than ten years, Hydralyte’s range of great tasting products is now available in both the US and Canada. With up to 75% less sugar and four times the electrolytes compared to leading sports drinks, Hydralyte is a medical food and formulated in accordance with the World Health Organization guidelines for oral rehydration therapy, making all Hydralyte products contain the correct balance of glucose and electrolytes required for the prevention and relief of dehydration.

Suitable for all ages and recommended by medical professionals around the world, Hydralyte comes in a wide range of flavors and formats including ready-to-drink liquids, powders, and effervescent tablets. Hydralyte is available at stores nationwide, including Rite Aid and Amazon. For more information on Hydralyte, please visit www.hydralyte.com.

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